Onowoka's luxury is not the expensive lodge; it is about what counts.

Onowoka was founded in 2010 by José Luis Agualongo and his wife Assyah Gabrielli, under the name of Terrasenses. José Luis, an environmental engineer and national tour guide has lived in Ecuador almost all his life, he developed a deep knowledge of each and every remote corner of this tiny country by travelling while studying and as hobby. Jose believes that bespoke holidays are made special by the people involved, the unique locations we visit, and the intimate and personal nature of each trip.
At Onowoka, we don’t sell safaris, we offer real experiences, where you learn as you travel accompanied by great guides, specialized scientists or environmentalist; we make you feel welcome in every activity, we want you to enjoy every moment. Our luxury is not the expensive lodge; it is about what counts.

Our voyages always focus on the essential, delivering the experience in exceptional depth: the remote places we visit, the knowledge we have on each and every itinerary we offer, the extraordinary intimacy with the environment you will presence; the friendships we have made with the people we work with, is what makes Onowoka different.